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macbuddy 01-29-2013 01:41 AM

HellaFit - Indoor Go-karting Meet 03/09/13
Anyone interested in participating on this date, please give your input. At this time, HellaFit coordinators are still in the planning stages of this event. Your vote will help determine which venue is best suited for those who want to give this a try. Here is how it stands so far:

March 9th will be indoor go-karting at either Umigo in Livermore, or the new K1-Speed in Union City/Fremont. Here's the plan for each location:

- Umigo (Livermore): Meet/Caravan to Umigo, race, eat, then drive on Patterson Pass Road, go to someplace to park and do w/e, call it a day.

- K1-Speed (UC/Fremont): Depending on order...Meet/Caravan, drive Palomares Rd, race, eat at Ray's Crab Shack and hang out there till we want to end it. Or race first then drive Palomares then food.

claymore 01-29-2013 05:15 AM

Man you guys have all the fun.

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