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Tinyvan 07-16-2012 09:28 AM

Midwest Fitfreaks look here meow!
The south guys, the West coast guys and the East cost guys have meets. I know use Midwest guys are fewer and farther apart but lets see if we can try to get one going. If your interested go to the link below and post up


Upper Midwest Meet August 25 2012

I'm calling all WI/IL/MN/IA/IN/OH/MI members to this thread.

I'd like to have a meet in Chicago, IL on Saturday 8/25/2012.

If we get enough interest here, I'll set up a meet friendly location.

Roll Call:
1) Mike410b
2) MNFit
3) Glockbeg
4) Speedlimitz
5) DSM
6) Swade

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