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Default How to post photos

There are two ways you can post photos on this site.

The first way is putting the photos onto a photo hosting site like photobucket. Join up get your password yada yada... Then upload the photos to that site and when you can see them, click on the space when it shows the address for the photos that start like a normal webpage address Http://www. *****.

Once you have the address saved to your clipboard come back to the thread you want to post in and look at the part of the very top of the thread form where all the little icons are. You are looking for the yellow square with what looks like a mountain on it.

Click that yellow square and a pop up box comes up with the Http:// already in there. You can paste the address for your photo into the box without removing the Http or delete it first it doesn't matter.

Paste your photo address into that box and click ok and in your thread you will see either the photo or the address surrounded by [Img] your address[IMG/] and it will then add the photo when you post.

The way to do it with photos you have saved in a file on your computer. Save the photo you want to post in a file and remember the file and photo name. I think you have to go to "Go advanced" on the bottom of a reply... what you are looking for is in the box at the top of the box again where the small icons are.

Click on the icon that looks like a paper clip and you will get a page where it says "manage attachments".

In that box look for the section "Upload File from your Computer" and go to browse. Now you have to remember where you stored your photo and select the file where your photo is stored on your computer.

Then select the photo you want to post and click on "OPEN" and the address or name of the photo will be inserted into the box.

You can upload more than one photo at a time just go back and browse and select another photo and upload it. Then you can add more than one photo at a time.

Now click upload and wait while the photo/photos gets uploaded. Once it is finished uploading and is shown as an attachment close the box.

Now as you write your thread or reply and get to the spot where you want the photo simply click on the paperclip again and it will have a small box with your photo in it listed as an attachment simply click and grab the photo and paste it into your thread or reply and it will show up as "attachment ***" but you can't see it yet but it will show up when you post.

Using your files/attachment method the photos will be in the post as a thumbnail (small photo) that will have to be clicked on to make bigger.

If you host them at a hosting site I think they show up as the size you have them in but I'm not 100% sure.

Now I lied at the beginning (Really I forgot) there are actually three ways to post photos. If you see a photo you like on here or another site simply right click on the photo and select "Properties" a box will open and you can find an address for the photo I think normally in the top line of stuff in the box.

When you find the address like Http:/ *** photo** highlight it and then select copy to save the address to your clipboard. Then come back to the thread or post you want to do and click the yellow square and in the pop up box paste the address of the photo into the box and save. WARNING some sites hate when people do this and call it hotlinking because it eats their bandwidth and sometimes the photo will disappear and a NO HOTLINKING message will appear.

If you really like the photo save it to your computer first.

I really really lied my butt off there is another way to add photos to your post. If you know the address of the photo you want (like HTTP:/www. your simply type [IMG] then put the photo address here[IMG/] just surround the address with [IMG] CAPITAL LETTERS and end with [IMG/] note they are not the same.

So you are typing along and you want to add the photo you know the address to just type the [IMG] add the photo address and then type [IMG/] and keep on typing when you post it the photo will show up.

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