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FITSHOW is on a distinguished road


NGK Quick 32 - . Anything can run so bring it out. Dial-in times on Saturday - Quickest 32 move to bracket eliminations on Sunday.

Supercar Challenge - Open to all model “Supercars”. Run your Ferrari, Lambo, Maserati, Lotus, Porsche, V-Series, Viper, XKR, R8, GT-R, NSX, LF-A, GT500, Z06, ZR1, AMG Benz, M5, M6 etc. down the quarter mile against other top performance models of all the car makes. We have a factory stock and a modified class. Dial-in times on Saturday and one on Sunday. The quickest 8 of each class will run heads up on Sunday. This is a new race for NOPI and classes may evolve as interest and participation is gauged. The latest details will be up on

Open Test and Tune - All car show participants will also have the option to drag race their vehicles in Open Test and Tune for FREE
2012 NOPI NATIONALS Show Field Layout – mile long by 500 feet wide

Official Tours to the NOPI NATIONALS - Open to all vehicles

Interested in starting your own.

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