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Default Scangauge II Setup

Originally Posted by Spir4 View Post
Well I've just bought the ScanGauge E. Very pleased with it so far, except that sometimes the lhk (or mpg depending on how you've set it up) goes to 9999 :s I've googled a bit, and tried the solutions people give (changing the Fuel Cutoff to different values), but it keeps giving me that weird value.

Also I would like to ask what's the refresh rate of the realtime lhk (mpg) on the fuel consumption display in most cars. Every 2 seconds, faster, slower?

I know this is a OLD message, but feel that the question will come up again for new users of the Scangauge II.

To fix this problem of the Scangauge displaying mpg as 9999 mpg when you let off of the gas pedal, you have to set the Fuel Cutoff appropriately. To do this, read the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) reading while the car is running at idle, mine reads 12 TPS. I like to set the Fuel Cutoff at one number higher than this . . . 13. This will set the Scangauge to continue calculating mpg while the injectors are not working, which is what happens when you let off the throttle. This has worked on all 3 cars that I have setup my Scangauge on.
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