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Default REGISTRATION IS BACK OPEN. Got out early.

Ha I'm home hobbling around on crutches and will be for the next 5 weeks. I now have a nice new plate in my leg screwed down with 6 long screws through the bone LOL. I even got a wallet sized x-ray of it in a photo with a number to show the nerds at the airport when my leg sets off metal detectors.

The doc let me go before five days and is shortening the crutches time from 6 to 5 weeks because in his words "I'm such a tough old guy"

I could probably walk on on it now like I did with no plate the last times but he said "really cool it" because the screws need to have some bone grow around them or the could work loose and it would take another operation to tighten the up again. So I'm going to be good this time and take my time.

I tell you what I don't know if it happens every time and I never remembered it or they messed up somehow but I woke up in recovery I guess before they gave me an pain meds thinking I was still out I was laying there with the most pain I have ever felt from the broken bone and screws in it.

I seem to remember letting the recovery room people have a piece of my mind in foul language at the top of my lungs then a shot and I was out again and the next thing I remember was being back in my room so I'm not sure if I dreamed it or not but it sure felt real.

Now they give you a CD of the operation through the scope they used to clean up the ligaments and cartilage but not the breaking the bone and screwing it back together part. My wife Apple made it about 5 seconds before she got grossed out LOL.
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