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Old 09-20-2010, 06:27 PM
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Default U.S. Current Season "Colony" on Discovery Channel

Yo claymore, when you get this in Thailand, I assume next year, you will get a bang out of the episode that takes place around day 44. A guy walks into their compound, and stakes a message to a board with a hunting knife, inviting the colony members to a meeting at the only blind intersection of streets (where they cannot see the intersection from the roof of their two story residence).

The colonists send one male member to the meeting (Reno), and he walks into a shipping container that was previously empty, now contains a long table laden with food and well lighted. The guy who staked out the invitation is an ex-USMC sniper who calls himself "Tick", and has been living on the fringes of the colonist's compound for the last 30 days. He has laid out a feast of grilled nutria (a rodent the size of a small dog that infests the area of New Orleans), crab, and cooked vegetables of the bayou area) for the colonists. They have been literally starving because of attacks and their inability to find food sources in the area.

"Tick" has been living off the local flora and fauna, and has offered the feast to the colonists as an introduction because he can see that they have been suffering in their attempts to survive.

During the communal dinner, they invite him to join the colony, recognizing in him a great asset to their security ( he is mid-30's in age, and has been working in Irag as a security advisor).

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Old 09-21-2010, 01:32 AM
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I thought you were going to say he popped the guy that fell into his ambush.
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