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Old 03-22-2011, 02:52 AM
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Default My "Favorite on-ramp!"

Everyday after work, I head down the same hill to get onto Highway 24. The on-ramp is a sweeping 270 degree turn that brings you up to the freeway. I look forward to this turn every night. It is one of my "favorite on-ramps," it makes me smile! Note: At the end of the hill just before the entrance, a stoplight sometimes prevents you from going directly onto that on-ramp.

Well tonight, like always, I was heading down that two lane road after work. In my Wink mirror, I couldn't help but notice a set of headlights quickly coming up behind me. The car could have easily gone around me but decided to pace me at the posted 55 mph speed limit instead. He did this for at least a 1/4 mile. I was guessing maybe his plan was to make me think he was a policeman or something. Maybe he was just trying to read the "Hybrid" emblem that I stuck on the back of the car. Anyway, as we got closer to the on-ramp, that traffic light lit yellow, I lifted, and calmly slowed to a stop. Those headlights abruptly swung to my left, and pulled along side my "B" pillar. Not wanting to turn my head all the way to the left and glance back, all I could see was the bumper in my peripheral vision. Just as I thought, it wasn't a patrol car. Hmm, I wonder if this is might be his "favorite on-ramp" as well?

So, just for fun, I checked the mirrors, put it in "sport mode," tap the paddle to initiate 1st gear, made sure the BLITZ Throttle Controller was in SP3 mode, kept my left foot on the brake, and hovered my right foot above the accelerator.

My plan was to make an authoritative launch, but doing so without breaking traction on my Yokohama S. Drives. I didn't want him to think I was "racing" or anything like that. I figured if he was planning to take that same on-ramp, he'd have to try pretty hard to do so.

"BLINK," the light turns green, I make a near perfect "AutoX" launch. I get a half car length jump, but let off to keep within the 35 mph posted speed limit. The car pulls along side, it's a brand new Audi A4. It doesn't even have tags yet! Then his turbo ultimately comes on, and he sweeps in front of me. Ooh, the fun begins! This must be his "favorite on-ramp" too!

He spiritedly dives into the entrance, I follow his lead by modulating the throttle, in 2nd gear. Hey, he is trying to out run me. I press a little harder. Wow, he's really fast, he's starting to pull away, I have to "floor it" just to stay with him. My tires are protesting, but the Fit is rotating beautifully! We hit the crest of the ramp at 65 mph and I was right there with him. We both back off to "casually" merge into the steady stream of traffic. I set my cruise control to my GPS, 65 mph. His speedo must have been off, because I eventually pull along side him. I guess he didn't like me pacing him at that speed, so he turbo'ed off without me!

I can't help but wonder how he felt knowing that a little Honda Fit "Hybrid" kept up with him in his "brand new Turbocharged Audi A4" tonight!

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Old 03-23-2011, 10:14 AM
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On ramps can be a good spot to "get it out of your system". They are usually not well watched by the police and you can floor it and not go over the speed limit. But they can be tricky and bite you in the butt if you get a bit "overenthusiastic".
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Old 03-23-2011, 07:58 PM
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just be safe out there man
Just went up a Mountain sunday in my fit, had it in 4th Gear the whole time, now keep in mind the roads are kind of bad on the mountain but if you ever get a chance look up Mt, Lemmon Tucson Arizona and look at the roads, the speed limit is arond 35mph.
well we were having out annual (arizona Honda Tuner) mt lemmon run and i was the leader i pretty much drove around 55 MPH it was great but scary considering the roads are extremely bad
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