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Old 11-12-2015, 06:26 AM
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Default Getting too old for detailing in one day.

Wow used my brand new clay bar form japan and it worked great. Had much more black streaks from collecting garbage from the paint on my Jazz than the one I had been using.

But anyway started washing and clay baring at 0830 to try and avoid the heat after our rainy season is over to start my annual after the rain detailing when it was only 89 degrees.

Finally finished at 1200 and stopped for a spot of lunch. Yea I know a looongggg time but that doesn't even include the interior clean up I did two days ago. When I clean and detail I clean and detail. Wash once with dish washing liquid to remove all the dirt, grime, and old wax.

Then claybar, and this time I did ALL the paint not just the top surface of the roof and hood like I normally do.

Then do the wheels including a toothbrushing of all the between areas of the spokes.

Then the first coat of two coats I normally do. The first wax is mothers gold carnuba cleaner wax that does a nice job removing those tiny scratches that show up when it is nice and clean after claybaring.

Got it all on while wearing a long sleeve shirt and hat to avoid getting a coating of wax reside dust on my hairy arms and in my hair that stuff doesn't come off with regular shower soap. LOL I learned that lesson from prior waxings. But hell it was now 92 degrees and I was sweating buckets.

So got down to wax offing time and my arms felt like they were falling off. Normally I wash and claybar one day then wax the next but I have a hot Friday night date, tomorrow, and was trying to get it all done in one day and have all morning and afternoon to rest up Friday and get some energy back for my anticipated fun strenuous activities.

But alas it was not to be by the time I got all the wax rubbed off and cleaned most of the dust residue it was 95 in the shade and I was whipped, dog tired, and felt every one of my 66 years of age.

So after a nap I got it snuggled back all the way in the carport, in case a sneak late rain storm came in during the night, and will do the last coat of straight carnuba wax tomorrow morning.

And clean off all the wax dust residue with a toothbrush and tire black my tires and other black stuff.

Lets hope it goes well and is a little cooler (fat chance) so I can take a nice nap before my date.

And then touch up a couple minor scratches with some touch up paint on another day.
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