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Old 02-01-2016, 02:32 AM
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Default slower speed Baha humbug

But since we have caught up with the USA and speed cameras are now installed on one of my favorite high speed run highways and they really are issuing tickets over 120 KPH so traffic flows along at a perfect 120.

HA it looks like a train of cars all going 120 KPH (85 mph). I got an outstanding (for me) 450 km out of 32 liters of 91 octane gasoline.

So it looks like 120 KPH is the sweet spot for my Jazz with my mods.

Normally when I used to make the same trip at 150 KPH (93.2 mph) all the way since the highway entrance is right by my house I used to have to refill my tank before coming home because it had already eaten more than half a tank. Now at a steady 120 I go and come back and still have more than 1/4 tank left.

But it used to take me one hour from house to hotel now it takes one hour and a half which sucks.
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