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Old 02-17-2016, 04:33 AM
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Default Dupli-color rotor paint is AWESOME

One one of my last trips to the USA wanted to get some more brush on rotor paint but all they had was spray on which I had never tried.

So used up the old brush on can I had left the last time on 11-11-2010

Well forgot about that spray can that has been sitting there since 2010 but recently noticed my rotors looking a bit shabby and decided to use the spray bomb since I don't have any plans to get back to the states anytime soon.

Broke out the can and shook it nada, zip, zero, zilch no rattle at all.

So screw it I keep the can on my computer desk and would give it a shake even time I walked by and sure enough it started loosening up. Slowly at first like it was VERY THICK then better and better after a few weeks.

Finally it felt normal so lets give it a try.

Today got the wheels and rotors off and the rotors had a slight yellowish tint to them and I thought it was rusting. But nope hit them with a scotchbrite pad to roughen up the old paint and boy is that stuff HARD scotchbrite barely scratched it BUT it did take off the tinge and I could have probably not painted them again after SIX YEARS of use and abuse. That is some fine paint I will tell you.

But you know me I had to try the new spray so off to work. Used some real sandpaper, 400 grit, and smoothed out the lumps from brush painting them a couple times.

It sprays nice but acts like it is a bit thinner than ordinary spray paint. Got two coats on and they look great again but probably should have gotten two cans as it just barely made it for all four rotors.

I would recommend the spray bomb version it looks better than brush on but either way 6 years of use on heated, cooled, and wet rotors is OUTSTANDING for any paint.
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