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Old 11-20-2010, 10:54 PM
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Default DIY changing clutch fluid

OK when I was doing my recent maintenance I changed my clutch fluid and while it is super easy to do I though it would be a good idea to do a DIY to show our new members just how to do it.

This is showing a GD and I'm not 100% sure if it is the same for a GE but it should be.

Disclaimer: as usual myself and or Honda Fit Forums are not responsible for anything that goes wrong if you do this. you do it at your own risk.

What you need:

As you can see all you need is some new brake fluid either DOT 3 or DOT 4, a 2 foot length of plastic hose, a disposable container, some rags, and an 8MM wrench.

And if you have a strut bar the cleaned cut off end of a soda bottle 2 liter size works best. (more later)

Where to look:

Mine is a ADM model so the master cylinders are on the Correct side but you guys in the states it will be on the other side. Either way they are right in front of the drivers feet.

The clutch master cylinder is the smaller one of the two on the right.

If you have a front strut bar installed like me access to the master cylinders is restricted at bit.....

But a cheat is available......... some of you may remember when I posted this "Secret panel" some time ago but for new guys here is a not so secret "secret panel"

All you have to do is carefully pull the seal between the hood and cowl off and push up on the bottom of the panel in front toward the engine edge. The first time you do this it may take a little force as there is some glue like stuff holding it down but there are no screws or bolts only little tabs on the side toward the windshield.

To make it a bit easier to keep filling the tiny master cylinder I made a cheap funnel that works good. Cut off the top of a 2 liter soda bottle and wash it out and dry it. Then just pop it into the top of the clutch or brake master cylinder to top them off.

How it's done:

Now that we have all our supplies laid out it's time for the WARNING: brake fluid WILL RUIN PAINT so take care when filling the cylinder and put some old rags or something to catch any spills.

OK the first thing you have to do is locate the bleeder valve for the clutch slave cylinder. It is in there someplace right in front of the engine between the engine and the radiator. (gratuitous engine bay shot)

Keep looking....

You can see it poking out in this one the rubber cap is just visible ....

I'm not 100% sure it will be this easy on your cars as I have removed a bunch of the metal piping from the TB hot water system in this area but on mine. I just pushed the small rubber hose in the area out of the way and here it is...

Now how you do it: Take the cap off the clutch master cylinder and put it aside. Take your plastic hose and slide one end down in front of the engine so it drops out the bottom below the bottom plastic under panel (no need to remove the panel). Put that end into your disposable container. I used a clear bottle so I could see the old fluid flowing into the container.

Then take off and SAVE the little rubber cap on the bleeder valve they come off easy pulling it off with your fingers. Then loosen the bleeder valve with your 8mm wrench just a bit. Then slide the top end of your plastic hose onto the bleeder valve...

Then just open the bleeder valve about 5 turns with you fingers or wrench without letting the plastic hose pop off. You should see the old fluid running into the hose and don't worry it drains fairly slowly. Now just hang around watching it drain keeping an eye on the master cylinder level. DO NOT LET THE FLUID DRAIN COMPLETELY OUT OF THE MASTER CYLINDER. When it gets to the "Low" level just close the bleeder valve so the fluid stops draining out.

Then top off the master cylinder carefully and then do everything over again. I drained and refilled my master cylinder 3 times just to make sure all the old fluid had been cleaned out and it sure needed it. Look back at the very first photo and you can see the old fluid in the bottom of the plastic water jug and it's light BROWN.

Two people doing it:

This was for one person doing it if you have a partner you do the same things except once you have the hose on the bleeder valve have the partner in the car push the clutch pedal to the floor. WARNING if you do this the fluid will come out with some force so make sure you hold the plastic hose onto the bleeder valve with your fingers so it doesn't pop off.

Make sure the inside guy keeps the pedal to the floor and open the bleeder valve and watch the fluid push out into the hose. MAKE SURE THE INSIDE GUY KEEPS THE PEDAL TO THE FLOOR until you close the valve again. Then check the fluid level and if it's not close to the low level do it again. Top off the cylinder with fluid and empty the master cylinder three time to get all the old fluid out.

Either way when you finish make sure the level in the master cylinder is up to the full line and put the cover back on. Put away you stuff and make sure to put the small rubber cap back on the bleeder valve and you are done. Nice clean clutch fluid.

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