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Old 06-17-2009, 11:17 PM
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Default DIY Extra light in the tails

Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, and neither myself, nor Honda Fit Forums take any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk! KEEP YOUR LIGHT SWITCH IN THE OFF POSITION WHILE WORKING ON THE WIRING.

Mission: install brake/park lights to lower section of Jazz taillights.

Tools needed: Philips screwdriver, small regular screwdriver, 5.5 allen wrench (L-wrench), 8mm deep socket or wrench, dremel tool or other cutting instruments (box cutter etc.) Optional tool: soldering gun or iron, solder.

Parts needed: replacement Honda or "universal" 3-wire sockets, black plastic or other insulating tape.

Time involved 1/2 to1 hr.

Cost of DIY: local parts trader "universal" 3-wire socket and 2 bulbs 140 baht ($3.50 USD).

I guess the engineers at Honda are a bunch of cheap charlies as the lower section of Jazz taillights are empty. It only takes a couple of bucks to put in some lights and there is even a spot already there just waiting to be cut out. I guess they figured they could save a couple billion just by not putting in the light but in this DIY we are going to rectify their cheapness and install some lights.

I first took off the little panel door inside the car and was going to cut out the hole from the inside as other people have done. But little pieces of plastic kept falling into the new hole and in the taillight assembly and you can see them from the outside.

So I started what I thought would be the longer route but it turns out that taking part of the rear bumper cover off is much easier and quicker.

The good thing is you don't even have to take off the whole cover. Start by taking out this bolt with the allen wrench, if you are going to do it "my" way also take out the one on the other side also.

Then take your Phillips screwdriver and go to either side of the car and unscrew these 4 screws in the photo. As you can see there is one more screw on the very bottom that is found on the Sport models, you DO NOT have to take out this screw as it just holds the lower lip in place.

CAREFULLY starting at the top of the wheel pull out the panel. It is now just held in by the pop in type posts and comes off fairly easily so don't pull it too hard as it's still attached in the middle bottom with screws you leave in.

Here is the hardest (not too hard) part. Way in the back under this bracket is a Phipps head screw that is screwed in up from the bottom.

Here is how you get it out. Just pull the panel back far enough to get your hand in and unscrew it. OR lay on the ground and unscrew from underneath the bottom of the car as you can see it from there BUT you need fairly long arms to get it from there.

Last step in taking out the whole taillight assembly is taking off the three 8mm screws indicated by the top three arrows. The top one is there inside the panel and is not too hard to get to it just looks hidden in this photo.

If you are going to cut the new hole out with the assembly still in the car you DO NOT have to take off the outer panel and go right to cutting out the hole like I have started to as indicated by the arrow with the X but believe me taking off the panel is much faster and easier that cutting out the hole still in the car.

Yep it does come out. And you can see the snap out sections in the middle part of the panel and see that I pulled it only part way out and to keep it from falling off I left the other side still with the screws in but you can remove 3 or 4 more screws under the lip and take the whole panel right off , whatever is easier for you.

Here is the "universal" socket assembly I got at a trader right down the street. All you have to do now is cut until this assembly fits snugly into the hole you make using whatever cutting tool you have on hand. I happen to have a dremel tool and it took about 2 minutes but you can use any thing you have that cuts, or melt it out using a soldiering iron.

Here is where the amount of time you spend is up to the method you use to connect the wires. All you have to do is reach up into the body and take out the TOP light by turning it a 1/4 turn and pulling it out.

I did the hard part for you, the wires that come with the Jazz are as follows the BLACK wire is for ground. The WHITE wire with BLACK stripes is for the brake lights, and the RED with BLACK stripe is for lights that are on all the time when you turn on your lights. Just be gentle with these wires as they are a very fine gauge and you could literally pull them apart with your hands.

If you are cheap or just want to be different you could buy a two wire assembly and bulb and just connect to the parking lights using the red/black striped wire. But I chose to connect the brake lights also so there are three wires to connect.

To figure out which wire on the new light socket goes where you just strip off the insulation on the last 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the wires and go open your hood and put the black wire onto the black GROUND post of your car battery. Than take one wire and put it on the positive post of your battery and note the brightness, then take the other colored wire and note it's brightness and between the two the brightest one is for the brake connection mark it with tape or pen or something.

It is up to you which method you chose to attach the wires.
I prefer to use the "mechanics" splice which is pictured in this photo. You just scrap off some of the insulation (not all the way around) and slip something between the insulation and the wires and slide in the new wire and twist them together, tape them up and you are done. I was taught this method during my mechanics apprenticeship and have pulled apart splices like this that were 10 years old and never found any corrosion but it is up to you.

You could use the pinch type plastic connectors you buy at electronic stores, or if you are into old time methods you can fire up your soldering iron and solder them use whatever method you are most comfortable with but remember to tape over any exposed wire.

Connect all the wires and again make sure no part of the wires is exposed put back the top stock assembly and put in your new assembly into your new hole turn on your lights and make sure all is working. And then move to the other side and do the SAME THING over again.

Then get a partner to turn on the lights and then step on the brakes and make sure the new and original lights are working and put it back together.

Here is the result looks good and makes the car safer as there are more lights on the back of the car and another set of brake lights.

Conclusion: very quick, cheap and easy DIY that adds some measure of safety also.

I had the parts for awhile and kept putting it off as I have never removed the rear panel but it turned out that removing the rear panel is REAL EASY so don't let it put you off.
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Old 09-04-2010, 02:03 PM
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Talking USDM brakelight #3

Okay then, I was wondering what was going on here when looking @ your pix of the tailight. USDM has 2 lights but the top one is just a parking light, I am seeing now that Cheap Charlies didn't even put a light in @ the bottom, is that right? Now that's cheap! haha. I have a little parking light socket on the top of the tails and will be enlarging it to except the same socket as used for the lower brake/parking light. Thanks for an imformative thread Claymore
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Old 09-04-2010, 10:52 PM
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Yea the cheapos just had that empty space on ADM ones. It's really easy to do this. After I got done I figured out one could probably do it without taking the light out if you melted the hole bigger then you wouldn't get plastic crumbs inside your light like if you grind the hole bigger.
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Old 01-24-2011, 11:03 PM
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That I would want to try those custom brake lights but I don't have the technical skills to do so, despite the detailed how to's.

Maybe someday when I actually increase my technical skills on my fit.

Cool project / cool results though. I like this, makes one's fit very unique.

Really nice looking.
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Old 01-25-2011, 10:41 AM
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Looks even better now that my rear logo has red reflective tape installed thanks to Mike Macbuddy. Tried to get a photo but flash wipes out the effect and no flash isn't bright enough.
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