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Old 07-27-2010, 01:17 AM
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Default DIY air intake thermometer

A couple of months ago villageidiot was looking for something to measure his AIT right at the TB. I was checking my photo host site and found these photos of the cheap ($5) indoor/outdoor thermometer I got at walmart and have been using just for that purpose for about 4 years now.

Is really a very simple DIY the thermometer comes with a remote sensor that is pretty small and has a hole in it for mounting.

Just run the wire with the sensor out into the engine bay through your favorite site I use the grommet around the A/C piping as it is very flexible.

Then you can just find a spot to mount the sensor like this one that I had inside the stock airbox when I still had one.

You can see the wire and mounting hole in this photo.

But now that I have made my own Intake it is now mounted right outside the TB inside the new pipe.

You can see the stock IAT sensor further back in the pipe the black part sticking up. I was a little concerned about the new sensor breaking off and ending up inside my intake manifold so I put a dab of epoxy on the bottom, drilled a hole and installed a screw and then epoxied the screw threads that are on the outside of the pipe so now it's not going anywhere and the wires should stop it but hey why take a chance. And It will not flop around and give inaccurate readings either.

The stock airbox and I would imagine the supercharger piping should allow this to be done as they all use a rubber or silicone coupler right at the TB and the wires are so thin they don't make an air leak either.

Ok that's the outside but don't forget to run the wire first as the other end is way too big to fit afterward.

I looked around to find a good place to mount the head unit and found this area to be the best.

Here you can see it from the drivers position and it looks to be blocked but in real life you can glance at it real easy and it is not blocked by anything.

This is a nice closeup showing the readings that can be changed from Fahrenheit to Centigrade and has the provision to see the last highest/coldest reading.

In this one you can just barely see how the wires don't show as they run right at the bottom edge and look like a grey spot on the bottom right corner.

All it takes is one small screw mounted on the edge of the dash as the thermometer has a slot for a screw cast into the back of the unit.

It takes one AAA battery which lasts over a year in my case and to change it the top section of the thermometer head unit pops off nice and easy.

It has a light built in but it is turned on by a tiny button on the top which you can't really get to easily while driving so I got one of those small blue lights that people mount on their license plate frames for like two bucks and mounted it under the steering column. Nice chrome looking but way to BRIGHT.

So being the cheapo I am I made a cover for it out of a section of COKE CAN. I just cut out a section of can and rolled it around the new light and cut it down until it was right then taped it in place and bent the bottom of one end over and tapped it with a block of wood until the end was closed.

Then I slid it off and super glued it together and opened the end crimp with the pointed end of my electrical test light until I had a small hole. It slides back onto the new light just snug and doesn't fall off.

I waited until night and twisted it a bit and it works perfect just like a mini spotlight not too bright not to weak. Took it off and sprayed it with some flat black and done.

I almost forgot. Before I mounted it the first time with the wire still loose I used it to check the temps underhood by taping it in different sections and drove around.

Here is what I got:

hottest temps ...right on the middle of the plastic engine cover

lower temps: ..... right behind the radiator on the side where some CAI mount their filter

Lowest temps: ..... right in the corner where the stock cold air pipe is located on a GD

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Old 07-28-2010, 03:56 AM
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Thanks Claymore.... That is what I am needing.
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Old 07-29-2010, 10:20 AM
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That is a great idea!
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