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Old 04-15-2012, 10:44 AM
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Default Thread ratings and reputation points

Got asked a question about "rating threads" by a member and I thought a timely reminder was in order.

If you see a bunch of "gold stars" at the very top of the first post in a thread that means that somebody or lots of members have liked the thread and gave it a rating.

Anybody can do it just look at the top edge of the thread in the very first post you will see a rating block with a drop down menu that has various "ratings" make your pick and I think it averages out if there are some bad and some good to give a rating in the middle.

Not to sure as there are no details in the admin section and no I can't tell who rated what.

While we are on the subject "rating" is for the thread but you can give "points" in any post not just the first one in a thread and "rep points" go to the member who's post you are giving points too.

Look at the top edge of the post you want to give points too and you will see a set of old time "balance scales" click that and you will get a pop up box and a chance to put in a reply but it's not mandatory and you can leave it blank.

You can see your points and who gave them to you by going to your user CP at the top of every page.
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