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Old 10-07-2016, 05:21 AM
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Exclamation G1 Need help, no dash, no PS, cannot shift

The story:
So the hatch handle/lock on my Honda Fit was seized due to rust, i couldn't even get it open from the inside, so i bring it to Honda dealer to have them fix it.

Estimate to change the handle 160$ fine... They called back, saying they need to change the whole actuator, fine... another 200$. They called again telling me the car is fixed and I can come and pick it up.

Go pick up the car, no power steering, cannot shift the shifter, the whole dash is down, no rpm, no fuel gauge, no speedometer...
This morning they called back, and they told me that a fuse kept blowing and they want to charge me to diagnose the problem. I said fuck you and leave the car there and I will pick it up tonight.

So, can someone suggest or point me to some starting point on where I should start looking? Other than the obvious place is the rear hatch, I think they might've short something when they replace the actuator since there is a electric switch there to unlock the hatch...

So to recap the following thing doesn't work:
  • Dash/Instrumental panel (the light works if i turn on the light, but rpm, speed, gaz, all those doesn't work)
  • Power steering, doesn't seems to have PS at all
  • Shifter, I need to insert the key to unlock the shifter
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