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Old 12-14-2016, 08:39 AM
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Unhappy Faulty Fuel Gauge unit

My 2015 Fit has 80,450 miles on it. Last week the fuel gauge display went blue (reminiscent of the old Windows "blue screen of death") & stayed that way for a few miles, then came back on. Same thing the morning after, and every morning since then. Sometimes when it comes back on, it looks like ALL the screens are displaying at once.
So, I went to my Honda dealer, who could not duplicate the display failure - it seems to happen only when it's cold. They found no error messages and no factory service bulletins. They concluded that it must be a failure in the unit itself, because all the connections are fine.

$547 per unit, folks... but I kind of either need a gas gauge OR an odometer. Hopefully the new unit will solve the problem - it's not due in until next week.

I AM a little miffed about the cost of this unit. It is not like I took it out, played with it & broke it or put it in wrong. This is factory stuff which I assume should last the life of the car - not fail after 2 years/3 months.... it's a gas gauge, after all.

I think car manufacturers ought to have decent warranty coverage on their electronics. Maybe, just maybe, some of these electronic display items should NOT be electric... or, should be designed in a plug & play format for lower replacement cost. Not a happy camper here!
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