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Old 03-04-2014, 10:52 PM
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Default Freak Texas Coyote on A ROLL

This is Hilarius.

"Consider that a guy your age is going to chase tail and even get lucky at times.. You will be able to save a lot of money by wetting your willy in the back of your Fit than you will by having to pay for motel rooms.. On a very good night at a trashy redneck bar you might score with 3 or 4 skanks in the parking lot and never have to move your car.. Be careful though, redneck girls like to get drunk and witness to you about their love for Jesus..Just go with the flow,say praise be to the son of god glory gee 2 beezus and carry on."

Not done yet LOL..

"I'm worried for you Cody.. You are too young and inexperienced to be getting all involved with only one woman.. I've done that too many times and the last one cost me three houses two boats, a very tricked out Harley, Travel trailer, Jet ski and what all I couldn't carry in a 1 ton quad cab F-350.. They all cost money, you might as well sample everything out there that you can before getting into the habit of being with only one woman.. Hell man look at how many cars you have had and how you tried to swap off your Fit..

It's cheaper To sample all that you can and walk away than it is to commit to just one that can take all of your shit away someday.. Besides that you are going to outlive your pecker and be kicking yourself in the ass because of all of the sure thing poon tang you weren't able to indulge in because of a commitment..

Commitments are usually a one sided thing when you are under 50 anyway, so you should get all of the different aromas of stinky in your dinky that you are able to before you mess up and find yourself living in a world of shit trying to meet the needs of some neurotic bitch that wants you to show your love by dying for her and leaving all that you've worked for to her.... That is the way it always works out for a man.. It is worse though when the bitch dies and the asshole she married is living in the house you paid for and it has increased in value X 10."

Man says whats on his mind.

Starting at post 22

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