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Old 06-05-2015, 09:58 AM
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Default Firebird Raceway 2015 Oldies

Nice runs Video By Chuck Argon. 2 time runs and first elimination round.
Made it to the the 3rd round cut a .000 reaction and lost by .0095. Could not figure out why I was so far ahead. Backed into the other car and gave the stripe back. STUPID I knew better, still kicking myself. That would have set me at the top of the ladder and given me a single into the final... I was running 12.866 and 12.821 on Saturday (time runs only) on my 3 to 4 shift I touched the rev limiter at 5,500 shift point, limiter set at 6,000 decided to add 200 rpm. Next runs were 12.768, and a 12.774 into a 4 to 6 head wind. Sunday at 10am no wind time run was 12.720 temp was 88 deg. First elimination run was at 1pm had a dial of 12.77 Buddy said that his car was a little faster so I dropped my dial to 12.75 Temp was 95 deg Tail wind at 3 to 4. Opponent was Dialed 12.05 Had a reaction of .021 he had a -.009 red, ran the Mustang out 12.789 @ 108.19. My first dial was right. I got the Single in the second round 3pm, Dialed a 12.77 .028 light ran a 12.787 at 108.91. Third round at 4pm 12.77 dial .000 reaction Mr Stupid screwed up.
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Old 06-06-2015, 01:04 AM
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Awesome stuff I love it. Sure makes me miss my 67. And a perfect light awesome dude. If I remember correctly my best light was a 0.017 and I did it driving my Jazz LOL. Back in the day there was no RT readout on the time slips so I don't know what my RT was in my 67.
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